We know that you might have a million questions. These are the top 10 FAQs that get asked. If your question is not listed, please email or call us, we will be happy to answer it for you.

How much does axe throwing cost?2022-11-05T19:23:15+00:00

$32 per person for 75 Minutes
$48 per person for 2 hours

Can I fill out a waiver ahead of time?2023-05-24T20:41:43+00:00

Yes, the email link will attach your waiver directly to your booking. You are welcome to fill out this generic waiver instead, but you will need to let us know that you filled one out upon arrival so we can attach it to your booking.

Is axe throwing safe?2022-11-05T19:23:04+00:00

SAFETY FIRST! You will be given safety instructions prior to throwing by your Axe Ranger. They will assist you with tips to make your trip more enjoyable and show you some axe throwing games.

How old do you need to be to throw axes?2023-03-04T22:49:17+00:00

Minimum age is 10. Anyone under 18 will need to have someone in the group 18 or over to sign waivers and be responsible during your visit to Yukon Axe.

In the near future we will be hosting youth clinics and leagues, children 8 and up will be allowed to participate in these events.

Do we need to bring anything with us to throw axes?2022-11-05T19:23:35+00:00

CLOSED TOED SHOES – we have some community crocs that you can wear, but your own personal closed toed shoes are so much better.

Is axe throwing wheelchair friendly?